What is BlackLIT?

A lack of positive representation and access, has contributed to a literacy gap that plagues Black communities. BlackLIT, a monthly subscription box that highlights Black authors and entrepreneurs, helps spark and maintain a love for literacy by answering the community's cry for representation, access, inspiration, and celebration. Curated by a passionate educator, each box shines light on Black culture with the perfect blend of literacy, lifestyle, and love.

Who is BlackLIT? Can I buy a BlackLIT Box if I am not Black?

Yes, here at BlackLIT we are Black & proud. (Say it loud? . . .I’M BLACK & I’M PROUD!) However, BlackLIT is not meant to be solely exclusive to one race or community. All the time we get the question: Can I buy a BlackLIT Box if I am not Black? My answer is this: Absolutely! One of the reasons why I started BlackLIT was to highlight Black authors and entrepreneurs. These individuals are incredibly talented and would appreciate the opportunity to reach audiences beyond their own race. In addition, my prayer is that BlackLIT helps close the racial divide by increasing representation and awareness. We welcome you with open arms!

Many minorities have been “blacklisted” from classroom literature. We want nothing less than to be their motivation to speak up too, without diminishing our own voice. We believe this will help create and nurture a well-rounded community of thinkers that can thrive together in society.

What comes inside a BlackLIT Box?

Each BlackLIT Box includes: one new book written by a Black author and 3-5 products from a Black-Owned Business. We also include discussion prompts that you can use to facilitate thoughtful conversations and/or to guide your writing.

Can I pause my subscription or switch to another genre?

Of course! You can pause, start, switch, or stop your subscription at any time.

How frequently will I receive a box?

You will receive a Box once a month.

Does BlackLIT ship internationally?

Previously, BlackLIT was shipping to 5 countries outside of the US. Unfortunately, we had to pause international shipping in order to work out a few logistics. So, at this time we do not ship internationally. We should be back soon, though!

When will I be billed?

This is completely up to you. Cratejoy automatically sets everyone up to be billed on the 11th of each month. However, you may change your date to fit your needs at any time.

When do I need to cancel if I want to skip a month?

If you want to skip a month, please do so before you are rebilled on the 11th.

What if I receive a book that I have already received?

We offer sneak peeks on our Instagram page before we ship. If you notice that a book you already have may be on the way, you can always log into your Cratejoy account to switch your genre or you may skip that month. Another option is to give the duplicate book to a loved one that you think may enjoy it. It is completely up to you!

If I order a subscription box, when will I receive it?

We begin shipping our monthly renewals on the 15th of each month.

If you are a new subscriber, you will receive a welcome box within 7 business days. If for some reason you do not, please email us at info@supportblacklit.com and we will get your box shipped ASAP.

What is included in the BlackLIT Book of the Month?

Coming soon.

How much is a BlackLIT Box?


How can I get into the BlackLIT box?

Please click here to fill out the inquiry form. Before you begin, please be prepared to provide info about your business/product, wholesale pricing information, customer reviews, and images or links that the BlackLIT team can use for reference.

Can I order items from the BlackLIT Box separately?

Of course! Inside each BlackLIT Box you will receive a brochure that gives you information on how to get in touch with the Black-owned businesses that are featured inside the box. You can also find some items on our website.

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